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Steve Byrum

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At Value Partners Consulting, we provide a range of services for both individuals and businesses.  Like most organizational development consulting firms, we base our work on the body of knowledge developed within our discipline and the data we collect from the people inside the organization.  Our assessment tool of choice is the Hartman Value Profile.  

The primary intent and purpose of the Hartman Value Profile is to gain deeper insight into the judgment capacity of individuals.  This is based on the premise that good judgment combines with competency, education, experience, training, and systematic processes to achieve excellence.  We use the HVP as the basis of all our work in the following areas:

HIRING & SELECTION – A key factor in determining the success of an organization is hiring people who are the right fit for both the organization and the job.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT & SUCCESSION PLANNING – Great leaders often only need to be identified and developed.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT & TEAM BUILDING – The most effective teams are strategically created and developed using meaningful metrics.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Unresolved human conflict is a drain on energy, time and resources, adversely affecting performance and customer service.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT & DATA-BASED MENTORING – Helping people maximize their opportunities and develop their potential benefits organizations and individuals alike.

INDIVIDUAL & COUPLES COACHING – Don’t miss an opportunity to make the most of your life, career or relationships.  We can help.

Organizational management and human behavior experts

We work with large corporations, family businesses, and non-profit organizations to improve performance and team cohesion.


Darlene's coaching with me on evaluating the Hartman Profile results, as well as comparisons among candidates and development with intact teams was invaluable to the success of the profile.


Robert Begg

Asante Health System

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