Their expertise about the Hartman tool has proven to be invaluable to my own practice. Every interaction is professional, responsive and client centered. I highly recommend them as key resource.


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Leadership Development & Succession Planning

DO YOU AGREE?  Leadership is not dependent solely on seniority and can be strategically developed.

At Value Partners Consulting, we’ve worked with enough organizations to know – for certain – that the best leaders are not always the most obvious.  In fact, just because someone has shown loyalty through longevity does not mean that individual would make the best leader.   Even new or inexperienced employees can become great leaders when their inherent traits for leadership are encouraged and developed.

Organizations with strong leadership development programs avoid the problems that arise when key employees leave unexpectedly or dramatic growth requires more leaders.  A strategic Succession Plan reduces turmoil and increases confidence in decision making.  Our efforts have helped hundreds of employees and businesses rise to the next level. 

The Value Partners Approach

The Hartman Value Profile is an assessment tool that helps identify strong candidates for leadership positions. Unlike other assessment tools that look at personality inventories and psychological factors, the HVP measures strength and balance in decision making, problem solving, self-confidence, attitude, dealing with people, and other traits critical to effective leadership.

We help your organization develop great leaders.  Our process includes:

  •  Identifying strengths and areas for improvement with employees already in or entering leadership positions
  • Creating measurable leadership development plans customized for each individual and monitoring results
  • Enhancing your current Leadership Development and Succession Planning processes 

Our customized approach to Leadership Development & Succession Planning has resulted in successful transitions and more effective organizations.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.  

Organizational management and human behavior experts

We work with large corporations, family businesses, and non-profit organizations to improve performance and team cohesion.


To say that they have my highest recommendations is an understatement. You could have no better informed and credible individuals to work with your organization.


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