Their expertise about the Hartman tool has proven to be invaluable to my own practice. Every interaction is professional, responsive and client centered. I highly recommend them as key resource.


Rich Ruhmann

Ruhmann Associates

Team Development & Team Building

DO YOU AGREE? People, regardless of their job, perform at a higher level if they are effective problem-solvers and careful decision-makers.  

Most employees in organizations don't operate in a vacuum.  They are a part of a department or team, and as in sports, all players impact the team’s performance.  At Value Partners Consulting, our experts work with teams and the individuals that make up the teams with the goal of strengthening the performance of the group. 

The Value Partners Approach

When employees value their work and understand their individual role in the success of a business, they are not only happier, but more productive.  We use a variety of tools and processes, including the Hartman Value Profile, to assess individual team members and their unique strengths.  Through this process, individuals gain insight into themselves, each other and the team as a whole, leading to better outcomes and greater success.  In this manner, we help organizations build productive, successful teams, while assisting individual team members with their personal and professional growth.

We help you:

  • Create teams with a diverse set of perspectives and strengths to avoid  problems like "steamrolling," "group think," or "tunnel vision"
  • Improve communications among team members and enhance mutual respect
  • Teach teams how to identify areas for improvement, mentor one another, and achieve better productivity

We recognize the unique differences of every team and organization with whom we work.  The tools and techniques we use are customized to meet the needs of the specific organization.  Contact us for more information today.

Organizational management and human behavior experts

We work with large corporations, family businesses, and non-profit organizations to improve performance and team cohesion.


I started out saying there was no way this really means anything. After studying our team's profile, both individually and together, it greatly increased awareness and understanding.


Tanya S.

Regional Healthcare Organization

Let us help you and your organization reach your full potential.

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