I started out saying there was no way this really means anything. After studying our team's profile, both individually and together, it greatly increased awareness and understanding.


Tanya S.

Regional Healthcare Organization

About Value Partners

We are a consulting firm of experienced professionals with backgrounds in human resources and organizational behavior.  Our office is located in the lovely East Texas town of Athens, but our work reaches all over the world.  Organizations seek us out based on our reputation and experience. We enjoy helping businesses and people from diverse backgrounds.

Our Values

We value our faith, family, friends and all of humanity.  We believe every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.  Whether we are working with a large corporation, a family business or a non-profit organization, we approach the assignment with the same goal: to accurately assess the situation in order to create solutions that meet the identified needs.  We weave that with our commitment to treating every individual with kindness and positive regard.  Our work is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding for us.

As Organizational Management and Human Behavior experts, we are devoted to providing cost-efficient, value-added services that help our clients become more successful.

Our high ethical standards ensure confidentiality and our years of experience ensure our integrity.  We are committed to the organizations and people we work with to do everything we can to improve individual and organizational performance by providing a better understanding of important issues, appropriate coaching and measurements.  We do everything with a focus on caring deeply about other human beings.

The Team

Lynn, Abby & Darlene Clark

Lynn, Abby & Darlene Clark

Organizational management and human behavior experts

We work with large corporations, family businesses, and non-profit organizations to improve performance and team cohesion.


To say that they have my highest recommendations is an understatement. You could have no better informed and credible individuals to work with your organization.


Steve Byrum

The Byrum Consulting Group LLC

Let us help you and your organization reach your full potential.

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