Lynn and Darlene repeatedly exhibit the utmost professionalism in their assessment presentations and recommendations, backed by thorough analysis and their seasoned Human Resources experience.


Cynthia Cook ASLA, LEED AP

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Hiring & Selection

DO YOU AGREE?   Hiring people who are not a good “fit” costs organizations billions of dollars every year. 

You can avoid the expense and pain that comes from poor hiring decisions when you learn more about applicants before making the decision.  Sometimes all it takes to make the difference between an under-performing organization and a high-performing organization is the right people in the right jobs.  Selecting the right people can often be an organization’s most difficult challenge.

The Value Partners Approach

We recognize that unique organizations have different requirements and expectations of their employees, therefore, “one size does not fit all.”   

Our analysis of your organization and its needs combines with an assessment of your job candidates using the Hartman Value Profile.  This assessment helps to identify the candidates who are “most likely to succeed” in a particular position within a specific organization. 

We help you make better hiring and selection decisions on every level of your organization.

  •  Customize your hiring/selection process based on best-performance models
  • Lower attrition and turnover to significantly reduce your expenses
  • Reduce avoidable costs related to poor hiring/selection decisions
  • Integrate concrete “metrics” to make hiring/selection a measurable process

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We work with large corporations, family businesses, and non-profit organizations to improve performance and team cohesion.


The insight that you helped to pull out of the compass report really allowed me better insight into myself, my feelings, and overall attitudes.


Hank Bullinger

Edward Jones

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